The expedition was born out an intense observation ,the at times disheartening wasted potential of youngsters. That potential if not succored, groomed, and channeled accordingly is left purloined and fathered by the deceiving street corners.

It is a fatigued concern.

It is a feat to inspire that latent intrinsic potential in all to dare to dream and envision beyond any circumference and grab hold of their dreams no matter how small, big ,absurd they might seemingly appear.

Through our adventure club Desert Rose adventure club we plan to promote more active young people as we have observed when you give young people and experience the is little to be said something doormat gets switched on.

Currently we have 60 kids from Khayelitsha branch, Philippi branch and Emfuleni branch we take up the mountain every weekend.

People always ask why your passion with ex-convicts my take is if a kid is good with stabbing someone why not introducing them to fencing. If you good in stealing people stuff and jumping on yards why not try rock climbing we simple mutate that reckless spirit into the wild to transform into something special.

Something that encapsulates this by Kendell:

“Basic forms of learning, habituation, sensitization, and classical conditioning select among a large repertory of preexisting connections and alter the strength of a subset of this repertory”

…An implication of this view is that the potentialities for many behaviors of which an organism is capable are built into the basic scaffolding of the brain and are to that extent under genetic and developmental control. ..Environmental factors and learning bring out these latent capabilities by altering the effectiveness of the preexisting pathways, thereby leading to the expression of new patterns of behavior.

We have succeeded with Kiliminjaro highest peak in Africa, Mount Elbrus highest peak in Europe and Denali highest peak in North America. November 2018 we plan to tackle South Americas Tallest and world’s tallest freestanding peak Mount Aconcagua.

Next year begins our Everest trek, April we plan to attempt Everest without oxygen all to benefit our Next school initiative and all girls primary in lady frefre village in South Africa.

To get involved please donate any help is invaluable for greater realization of the goal.

Bank details:

Account number: 1324340272
Branch code: 470010
Mr MS Sitole
Capitec Khayelitsha branch
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