Project Emfuleni

  Project Emfuleni Is a call of action born out of an intense observation .The at times wasted potential of youngsters if not channeled accordingly and succored is left purloined by the deceiving street corners. It has positioned itself as more than just an alternative as they are many but are perfunctory and exhaust themselves [...]

February 28th, 2019|Uncategorized|

How can we educate our youth to be sustainable now?

Simply, first I think we need to seek patiently why and for what are we educating these young people. It's not as simple as posing a question and expecting a straightforward answer . It is a fundamental fact that we are somehow stuck with a schooling system that is not impactful, not engaging and falls [...]

July 11th, 2016|Opinion|

Recent Press

2016 has been a busy year already for Monde Sitole, and considerable press coverage continues to shed light on the various projects he is involved in, and the positive and empowering message that he is trying to spread. Most recently, Sitole was featured on the prestigious annual Mail and Guardian list of 200 Young South [...]

July 1st, 2016|Newsletters, Press|

Free education is only solution to problems

BY MONDE SITOLE How can we educate youth to be sustainable now in the present. First, we need to ask earnestly what we expect of them to become, for its not just a question and answer scenario. The fundamental fact is that we are somehow stuck with a schooling system that bears no impact on [...]

June 21st, 2016|Opinion|