Simply, first I think we need to seek patiently why and for what are we educating these young people. It’s not as simple as posing a question and expecting a straightforward answer .

It is a fundamental fact that we are somehow stuck with a schooling system that is not impactful, not engaging and falls short of equipping students with the skills, values, knowhow, and environment to take significant strides towards solving our current challenges.

Social entrepreneurship and innovation should be greatly encouraged and integrated to classrooms. This and an education that is founded on people and fueled by an intent to empower, invoke creativity.

For this we need everyone – the community and school – to merge that relationship; we need to break barriers. The other truth is that we need everyone to authentically have an interest in championing this.

So when we reach the pragmatics, we realise we also need a teacher transformation .

We need our teachers to realise the task bestowed upon them and know teaching is more than knowing your class material – it’s about inspiring, growing, letting go. Most of all, it’s about people .

We need more proactive, holistic methods of teaching. This needs to be focused more on creating visionaries and independent thinkers rather than keeping scores.

Education needs to be relevant, transforming and fun. The underlying anchor should always and constantly be about giving chances, encouraging growth, looking at complete development and service.

But for all of this we first need to prioritise free, quality education for all, to lift the burden that is put on our youth so as to unleash their truest, most potent and advanced versions of themselves.

Government, business and society need to work together beyond paying lip service and seek a meaningful marriage in this noble mission. No kid should be out of school with so much money to go around.

And from our side, we need to uphold an unwavering responsibility, sense of caring, selflessness and honest state of mind.