Project Emfuleni

Is a call of action born out of an intense observation .The at times wasted potential of youngsters if not channeled accordingly and succored is left purloined by the deceiving street corners. It has positioned itself as more than just an alternative as they are many but are perfunctory and exhaust themselves with a single task within a ill informed cancerous lifestyle of these youths it than advocates and seeks for joint efforts towards the procurement of a holistic, robust, connotative and sound approach to tackling whatever impediments that might hinder the full potential of youngsters to blossom.

Its professionals, students, the community, all consumed by a humanitarian call to be instrumental and influencers of the quality of life we all deserve as a constitutional and human right inscribed in our bill of rights .

Our space

One stop information and opportunities center. Hosting inspiring and important speakers on series of workshops sharing pertinent gems to untie us from Gordian knot that is poverty and lack of innovation.
We also have classes in film, gaming, robotics, painting and design.
Our youth guides also do bike tours across our informal trader’s route and get chance to immerse yourself in history of mfuleni and explore opportunities for growth.
Also you can book Quad bike pig farm tour and visit our famous pig farm in Burundi part of mfuleni and also visit our impumelelo gardens where our aim is to get same kids who benefit from our feeding scheme to train also as chefs and get jobs.
Our dream is to mount outdoor wall for visitors to train with our adventure club.

What we need now is 50 more bikes to establish our informal trader’s route and to do deliveries around emfuleni.