How can we educate youth to be sustainable now in the present.

First, we need to ask earnestly what we expect of them to become, for its not just a question and answer scenario.

The fundamental fact is that we are somehow stuck with a schooling system that bears no impact on learners, that fails to engage(with them) and which falls short of equipping students with the skills, the values and the knowhow of the environment towards solving our current challenges.

Social entrepreneurship in essence should be greatly encouraged and integrated in the syllabi.

Couple this with an education that is founded on the will to empower and invoke creativity.

For this we need everyone, including the community and schools to merge in a relationship that is not stifled by barriers to cooperation.

The truth is that we need authenticity and an an interest to champion this cause. So that when we reach the practical stage, we will realise that we also need teacher transformation.

For them to realise the task at hand, they need to know that teaching is more than just knowing stuff, but part inspiration and growth.

We need more proactive methods of teaching. It needs to be focused more on creating visionaries and thinkers.

Education needs to be relevant, transformative and fun. The underlying factor should be about giving chances, growth, complete development and service.

But for all of this we first need to prioritise free, quality education for all, to undo all the obstacles that stand in the way of the youth to unleash their most potent capabilities.

Government, business and civil society need to come together in a mature manner, beyond lip-service to deliver concrete and wokable solutions to the country’s problems.

No kid should be out of school.

This column appeared in City Vision and News24